Customer Highlight #8 : “The whole process was easy, and they gave great recommendations to make our yard

Before and after. Here is a simple clean up job we did for one of our clients in Seattle that we did in one day. Here is his review on yelp:

“Duy was very quick to respond, got me into his schedule within one day and took care of a badly overgrown back yard that was destroying my detached garage that the previous owners had let fall into ruin.
15 foot high blackberry bushes, holly and a host of other out of control brush were all removed by his crew as well as trimming a hedge and an apple tree.
I can’t recommend Duy enough, fantastic job.”

Before and after pictures…



CBS Highlight: “Best Landscapers In Seattle”

Lee’s was mentioned in CBS “Best landscapers in Seattle”.
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Lee’s General Landscaping and Yard Clean Up began serving the Seattle area more than 30 years ago. The company’s services include general lawn maintenance, as-needed yard clean ups, yard construction and hardscaping, as well as landscape design. Lee’s General Landscaping and Yard Clean Up guarantee its customers “quality results at reasonable prices.” If you would like a quote or to discuss landscape options, contact Mr. Lee by phone or via the company website.

Customer Highlight #4: “My yard angels finished by sweeping my two porches and rinsing out my yard waste”

Mr. Lee and his crew will have a special place in my heart forever. Yesterday Mr. Lee came to do an estimate for me but I had not been able to get home for the meeting, He left a phone message for me and asked me that I call him for a further directive. He then gave me a price over the telephone and told me that he could come with his crew today to do the huge yard clean-up plus mowing the lawns on our large property. In less than three hours, the most embarrassing yard I have ever seen in my life was transformed into a well-tended and well-manicured property. My yard angels finished by sweeping my two porches and rinsing out my yard waste can before heading off to the opposite part of town with all my yard waste — happily never to be seen again! Mr. Lee is an angel right out of heaven who, additionally, works his heavenly magic in yards here on earth — with his angel assistants working side-by-side like Santa’s elves — all under Mr. Lee’s watchful eye. What a team!!

Customer Highlight #3: “His team made the yard so neat and tidy and beautiful it looked like a different place.”

I had read the stellar Yelp reviews on this company and had some referrals to choose from to work on a sizable job on my rental property which I had been unable to tend to for awhile. When I met with Duy we went over the list of things to work on and I decided to go with his team after agreeing on a price that seemed fair and the willingness to tackle digging up a bush variety of bamboo that had escaped my decayed wood planter long ago. They tackled the basic mowing and edging, pruning of bushes, resized a very large spreading Mugo Pine, raked a lot of leaves and weeded and hauled the debris away. When his team completed the job and I went to look it over I was blown away! His team made the yard so neat and tidy and beautiful it looked like a different place. The area where the bamboo was dug was filled in as if it had never been there! All the planting beds were weeded fully. I thought they might just tackle some of the larger weeds but they took care of them all and pruned extra bushes while keeping their nice structure. I would highly recommend this company to take care of all your yard care needs!